A spectacular group of par 3 holes from 13th Beach, I take a closer look!

A spectacular group of par 3 holes from 13th Beach, I take a closer look!

I’ve played 13th Beach so many times I’ve lost count, perhaps with time and familiarity I had begun to take some of the holes for granted.  In recent times I’ve had the opportunity to photograph many of these holes, and to be honest it was like falling in lust all over again. With my current back injury the past two years had past with me not playing any golf 13th Beach Golf Links. What I have noticed with my recent photography trips is just how gorgeous the par 3 holes are at 13th Beach, I’m talking about both courses to.  So I thought I would take the time to show you through these great par 3 holes except one, the third hole on the Creek Course.  Why have I not included this hole? simple really, I haven’t photographed it yet. But stayed tuned…

Creek Course Sixth Hole

A lovely hole of only 130 metres, framed but huge pine trees of which two were recently removed on the left hand side. A small bunker guards the front of the green, but check out the back bunker, what a work of art! The designer of the course Nick Faldo has predicted that the greenside bunker will rank amongst the world’s best.

6th hole Creek Course, if you get a chance when you play the hole, check out the greenside back bunker.

6th hole Creek Course, if you get a chance when you play the hole, check out the greenside back bunker.

Creek Course Twelfth Hole

This is a new hole on the creek course, which I have yet to have the privilege to play, the 12th.  This hole is reminiscent of the 16th hole at Augusta National, with water down the left right to the green’s edge. This hole replaced a long Par 3 about 220 metres from the back tees, this was previously the longest par 3 on either course. The new hole is much shorter and is a far more interesting hole that will punish any shot hit left.  I could only imagine how tough this hole would be during a sea breeze, which would push all shots towards the water.

Viewed from near the front of the tee, the water features for almost the full length of the hole.


Another angle of the hole concentrating on the green.

Creek Course Fifteenth Hole

At 189 metres this hole has a large water carry, the green is huge with two tiers. When the flag is down the bottom the slope behind offers a large back stop, the hole offers so much with 5 or 6 different tees the angles of approach changes dramatically.  This is a really well thought out design offering a huge variety for golfers.

The 15th hole on the Creek Course offers plenty of variety with 6 different tees.

Beach Course Third Hole

The beach course has a nice variety of par threes, four in total. The third hole in my opinion is the weakest of the four, still a good hole it plays at 180 metres. The hole varies a great deal depending on the wind direction, I’ve played the hole where driver was the club, and I’ve also hit five iron. The first time I played the hole, I didn’t think much of it, but it has grown on me, and does require a bit of a strategy from the tee. The green offers a number of completely different pin positions.

The third hole with two bunkers at the front of the green, they are about 20 metres short of the green but doesn't look like that from the tee.

Beach Course Seventh Hole

The second par three on the course is seventh, an absolutely gorgeous hole. Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to play, the view from the tee is magical and the architecture is very natural making the most of the surrounding dunes.  It isn’t a long hole, averaging about 160 metres, but it does require a very accurate shot.  When the flag is place over on the left hand side you can only see the top half of the flag. It looks impossible to get to, but if you hit it just to the right of the flag the slope takes it down to the hole, a real risk reward shot.

Some images of the gorgeous 7th hole.

Beach Course Twelfth  Hole

At the risk of repeating myself, another gorgeous hole.  This is of a similar length and direction to the seventh hole and still offers a difficult shot to a relatively small green.  On a windy day, you’ll be happy to be anywhere on the dance floor. There is a really cool pin position in the middle of the green at the back.  A small hollow sits unnoticed , if you can get your ball inside this hollow it will finish very close to the hole.

12th hole Beach Course another gorgeous par 3.

Beach Course Sixteenth  Hole

The shortest par 3 on both courses and quite possible the toughest.  With a tiny green and measuring only 114 metres from the back tees, the severe slopes that surround the green means anything that misses the green requires some miracle work to get up and down.  What you can’t see from the tee is a hidden bunker over the back of the green.  The hole is perched on a ridge and is exposed to all wind directions, my only advice is to have fun, because you don’t play holes like this very often.

The fabulous pocket rocket 16th hole on the Beach Course.

Below is a gallery of photos I have taken of all the par 3’s at 13th Beach Golf Links.