Advertising 13th Beach

Advertising 13th Beach

As a photographer I love to see my shots in print, as a designer I love to see great photos married with a clever idea. Recently I had the opportunity to tick both the boxes, my other business Brown Ink Design has been given the opportunity to do some marketing work for 13th Beach.  Opportunities like this we do not take lightly, for me this was a first.  The first time my photography had opened up the door to doing advertising work, normally is it my design work that opens up the door to my photography.

The brief was simple, create an advert to appeal to the golfer, show them how beautiful 13th Beach is and highlight the membership offer. Successful advertising campaigns make the client money, successful advertising also has a simply message. This is particularly important when we use press advertising. When you read a paper you are bombarded with thousands of messages, so how in this environment do you get your advert to stand out?

A designer would say, make the advert visually impressive enough to grab attention.  A photographer would say, use amazing photography. An advertising creative director would say have a strong offer or message.  Well because of my background I think you should marry all of these ideals into one advert, so that is what we did. And I’m happy to say the client 13th Beach were very happy with the resulting membership applications.

Here is the half page advert which appeared in the Surf Coast Times.









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