Clifton Springs Photoshoot

Clifton Springs Photoshoot

This project with Clifton Springs has lasted over a year, my first journey to the course was back in September 2011. So why has it taken so long? The answer is not short but can be summed up in two words “mother nature”. Many golf courses are really photogenic at certain times of the year, depending on the type of grasses they use on the fairways the course could be perfect at the height of the summer months (if you have the water).

Clifton Springs suffers from the same issues as many country golf clubs, they don’t have an over abundance of water. So during the summer months the water is used sparingly, which creates another challenge. The main dam on the new 6th hole looks amazing when full with water, but not as aesthetically pleasing when half full.  So for the 5th and 6th holes the best photo opportunity is when the dam is full but the grass is less then perfect.

Here are a selection of photos taken on a number of trips at the end of 2012. I still need another morning shoot to finalise a few holes which will look their best in the morning light. But the last 3 to 4 weeks have been so dry the course no longer looks as good as it normally does, so the waiting game continues.

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