Sharing a spread with Jack

Sharing a spread with Jack

It is not often you can say you were seen next to Jack Nicklaus in a golf magazine.  But now I can, OK let me boast… I mean explain.  Barwon Heads Golf Club needed some photos taken of their fabulous new short gamer area.  One of the photos required a golfer to be in the photo, originally Alex Fenton from the advertising agency Fenton Stephens was to be the golfer, Fenton Stephens designed the advertisement. We arranged for the photoshoot but the weather didn’t play ball. In the meantime the deadline approached, after a week of inactivity with poor weather and schedules that did not match, I decided to step in and be the golfer.  This meant setting up the tripod and putting the camera on a 10 second delay timer. The photo used in the advertisement shown below was an interesting one. The tripod was set up on a small dune, the process went like this. I’d set the camera, click the button and then race down into position, pick up the club and chip the ball. Sounds easy enough, but 10 seconds goes quite quickly.

The final photos were dispatched to Fenton Stephens and then a couple of months later I’m flicking through my Golf Digest publication and to my delight saw a very small version of me on the same spread of a slightly bigger and slightly more well known Jack Nicklaus. Ok so you can’t see my face and even my Mum wouldn’t recognise me, but I know it is me and that at the end of the day is all that matters.

This is the actual photo of me on the Barwon Heads Golf Club short game area.

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