What a difference the rain makes

What a difference the rain makes

What a dry summer, you can always tell how dry a summer it has been by looking at residential gardens in-particular how brown their grass is. Golf Courses are no different, even when you have an unlimited amount of water to keep the course green it is never as beneficial or productive as a good dump of rain.  At the start of February I spent a few evenings at 13th Beach Golf Links photographing the Creek course.  What struck me was how dry it had become, not surprisingly they had not had any decent rain for 5 or 6 weeks.  A week after the shoot they had some really good soaking rain.  Two weeks later I ventured onto the course and the difference the rain made was instantly obvious. It was like a new course, it looked amazing.

Have a look at these two photos taken of the ninth hole on the Creek course.  Taken only 3 weeks apart, the lush green fairway has benefited greatly from the rain.

Taken on February 2nd the course feeling the effects of a dry summer.


Taken on February 21st about two weeks after a good dump of rain.


Here are the results from three different visits to the course on the 21st, 22nd and 24th of February.


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The whole gallery from the photoshoots