By commissioning Rodney to photograph your golf course you are taking the first steps in capturing beautiful images that can be used in so many positive ways.

What benefits would I gain from getting these photographs commissioned?

  1. For marketing the golf course to attract more members and more green fee players (eg. print advertising, brochures, website, editorials in publications).
  2. To frame and hang in the club house.
  3. To frame to provide as competition trophies.
  4. To create a record of your course at a particular moment in time, so future generations can look back on with interest.
  5. Capture before and after image comparisons for newly renovated golf courses.
  6. As part of your golf commission I will list your golf club on my website with logo and contact details.
  7. Images can be used on your website course guide for potential green fee players and members.
  8. Trophies for members that get a hole in one on competition days. Frame a photo of the hole they conquered, with their name and date.

What can you expect from a photo commission?

  1. To capture images of most if not all of the golf holes at your golf club, I refer to this as a “course pictorial audit”. (great for capturing your course as a record).
  2. To capture your signature holes.
  3. To capture your club house, significant trees, views or any other area of significance.
  4. A DVD of images of the minimum size of 5616 x 3744 pixels per image, large panoramic photos will also be provided.
  5. All images to be screened for quality and colour corrected where necessary.
  6. Time frame of the shoot can range from 1 to 4 days.
  7. A minimum of 25 images with up to 200 images supplied (depending on the extent of the commission).
  8. Your golf course listed on this website with your contact details and link to your website.

Optional extras?

  1. Golf Images can put together a hard cover coffee book of the best images captured from the commission.
  2. Original one of a kind illustrations. Refer to my illustrations page.
  3. Video Presentation of images shown to music. Refer to my video commission page.

Post Production

Once the photoshoot is completed there is still quite a bit of time involved in getting the images ready. Back in my studio the task of sorting the images, checking, discarding, photo-retouching and refining ready for presenting to you.  If panoramic images have been taken then merging these images will be required.  The final images will be burned to a DVD with a contact sheet of thumbnails and file names for all the images. The DVD will be presented in a DVD sleeve with a personalised cover design and matching artwork on the disc.

Your Investment

The potential of great photography to powerfully portray your golf course cannot be underestimated, your investment will attract new members and more green fee players. My experience in marketing has shown that the power of the image, particularly beautifully constructed images are worth much more than money can buy.