Course Pictorial Audit

A great way to capture your course for prosperity is to get a photographic record hole by hole. The advantage of doing this is tenfold, the photographic record is like capturing a moment in time.  The photographic audit will be enjoyed for generations to come.  In 1998 I designed a 164 page publication celebrating the 50 year anniversary at Latrobe Golf Club.  The research for the book went on for roughly 10 years, and the story was beautifully captured by a very talented writer Gary Mansfield who is sadly no longer with us.  One of the areas we struggled, was finding photographic records of the course at it’s different stages. If past committees had the foresight to commission photographic audits the book would’ve been much better for it.

Recently with course architecture all over the world there has been a resurgence of reinstating golf courses as they were originally intended. Many golf courses over the passage of time have been altered within an inch of there life by good natured committees with little knowledge on what they were doing. Many a knee-jerk reaction by committees have ruined great holes and great architecture without thinking about the big picture. Even with the passage of time nature can grow into areas the architect had always intended to be sandy wasteland. When you play at a club regularly you tend not to notice these changes, it is only when you look at a photo taken five or ten years earlier that you notice the change.

My main reason for offering this service is to help golf clubs capture a pictorial history of their course.  This service will offer a full range of angles at each and every golf hole with the endeavour to capture as much of each hole as we can (refer to diagram on the right for a guide of where photos can be taken from). Bunker formation, green contours, tee position and strategic placement of trees, length of rough and manicuring of the course can all change subtly over the years.

As an example of the type of photography I can achieve for each hole the below gallery shows you the photos I took of the 9th hole at The Sands. For more information please contact Rodney on 0419 336 783.