Clifton Springs Golf Club

Clifton Springs is located 20 minutes from Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula. Sitting on the edge of Port Phillip Bays residents enjoy a view of Melbourne looking North and a view of Geelong looking North-West. The golf course is nestled right on the cliff tops of the bay enjoying the great views offered from such a beautiful area.  The golf course offers a challenge for all standard of golfer, first time visitors will be bamboozled by the tricky greens. Wait until you see the third green, it seems to magically borrow up-hill.  If I could offer one tip before playing this course it would be, if you read a putt and count work out which way it will borrow, keep this in mind. “Every putt borrows towards the ocean”.

These photos are from my first photoshoot Clifton Springs Golf Club, it was a stormy interesting afternoon which both frustrated me and delighted me on numerous occasions. There are still plenty of wonderful photos waiting to be captured, on this course, can’t wait to find them.