Commonwealth Golf Club

During the final day of the GMA Conference a golf day was held at the Commonwealth Golf Club.  Because of my back injury I couldn’t play but still turned up to take some photos and footage.  The weather and lighting were not ideal for photos but I managed to get a couple of reasonable captures.

Commonwealth Golf Club really is a glorious course with a wonderful clubhouse sitting in a prominent spot looking out over the 18th and 1st holes. My memories from playing Commonwealth are positive because I had a win during VGA pennant back in 1996 the first time I played it. Funny how you remember golf courses better if you have played them well.

Here is the video I whipped together from the day, please excuse the commentary I had a bit of fun but I’ll never be a voice over person. From a commercial stand point I would normally get a professional voice over person to polish this up. Thought I’d add this in just in case you thought this was a good as it gets.