Heidelberg Golf Club

Have only played two rounds of golf at Heidelberg Golf Club, but one of them I remember with very fond memories. The round in question was a pennant match, I was playing for Latrobe Golf Club against Kingston Heath in Division 3. I holed out from a greenside bunker
on the 7th hole  to win my match 3/2 (we played the back nine first). It was the last competitive game of golf I would play for four years.

It was confirmed after the pennant season finished that I would need a shoulder reconstruction, I was told at 26 years of age I might not be able to play golf again. You see the shoulder injury had been caused by wear and tear from golf, ahh the things we do for games we love. Never the less some 14 years later I found myself back at Heidelberg Golf Club not to play but to take photos.  I had forgotten how hilly the course is and just how good the views are.  Where the clubhouse sits really is a majestic spot, with views down the first, the fourth, the eighteenth the tenth, the ninth and tenth you would hardly find a better clubhouse/golf course integration anywhere.  But my favourite part of Heidelberg Golf Club is the glorious ghost gum, you can’t miss it, it’s massive and at night it is beautifully lit.

Golf Course