If any of these frequently asked questions don’t answer yours please contact me on 0419 336 783.

1.How many days do you need to take photos of our course?

Commissions last from one to four days depending on your requirements and the weather.

2. What time of the year is it best to photography our golf course?

There are many variants to this answer. Most courses with couch grass look better in summer than winter because the grass is not dormant. Some courses look great all year round like 13th beach in Victoria which has fescue grass that doesn’t vary in colour. Some courses that contain deciduous trees look great in Autumn with their leaves in full colour. What ever type of course you have the best time of the year to take photos is when your course is in its best condition.

3. What is the best time of the day to photograph our golf course?

Photos work best when captured early in the morning or late in the day. During these periods the light is at its warmest and produces rich colours, that can look spectacular. The light angle can create some lovely depth and really highlight the undulations of the greens and fairways.

4. Can we commission you to take photos of participants on a corporate day?

Yes Golf Images is available to photograph your corporate day, we are very professional with how we blend into the background so golfers don’t feel too nervous in front of the camera. Golf Images have photographed similar days to corporate days like Pro-Ams and by the end of the day had the photos downloaded and playing on a big screen so all the golfers can have a bit of a laugh at themselves.

5. Can you photograph our clubhouse?

Yes, as part of you commission I can photography non golf course elements upon your request. These may include views, significant trees, seats, etc.

6. How can we use the images you capture for us?

  1. The images can be used for marketing the golf course to attract more members, green fee players, corporate golf days or weddings (eg. print advertising, brochures, website)
  2. You are entitled to frame and sell these images at the club only if the photograph has been printed by Golf Images and signed by the photographer.

7. Why can’t we print our own photos and frame them?

The photographs have been captured by a photographer with many years of experience, the photograph is an extension of my brand. If you print a photo and frame it, and then it starts to fade, viewers of this photo may think negatively of my services, not realising the photo has faded and not how the photographer intended it to be. Golf Images has a professional commercial printer which guarantees the quality and integrity of the photo print for 25 years.

8. What can’t we use the images for?

The images cannot be used by companies associated with your club to advertise a product. (ie. selling a fairway mower)

9. Do the golf images look better with or without clouds?

Clouds can and do add a dramatic element to a photo, but overcast days that are bleak can be our worst enemy, they affect the richness of colours. Dramatic days with thunderstorms and squalls can become very interesting back drops to photos. Blue skys without thick haze are great and make photographing the course much easier.

10. What if you come to our course and the weather is terrible?

Unfortunately one of the few things in life we cannot control is mother nature. In the event that photos cannot be taken another time will be organised with the club. Only my out of pocket expenses will be invoiced. eg. accommodation, car hire, air fares.

11.With your illustrations, do you only use your photos to illustrate from?

No, I can illustrate from anyones photo. If you have a photo in mind, simply send it to me via email and I can let you  know if it work well in an illustration. Even if it an old photo that has seen its best days.